Ajmal Research & Development


Ajmal is also one of the first perfume companies in the region to work closely with local and regional bodies such as Gulf Metallurgical Standardization Association, towards creating a viable and effective quality standard mechanism in the GCC.


It is our unswerving adherence to maintaining the highest possible quality standards that has made Ajmal one of the most reputed fragrance houses in the region. A number of royal families in the region have commissioned the company to create a range of customized fragrances for exclusive use. Several reputed international airlines in the region, such as Gulf Air and Saudi Arabian Airlines, have commissioned Ajmal Perfumes to create special, signature fragrances for them. Burj Al Arab, the world's only 7 star hotel also has an signature fragrance created for them exclusively by Ajmal Perfumes.


In 1998, Ajmal Perfumes became the first company in the region to patent a fragrance - Oudh Mubakhar, which was launched after 4 years of research, and went on to become one of the bestsellers in the industry. The precious ingredient Oudh, which is one of the prime components in oriental perfumery, takes approximately 25-30 years to develop. It is the result of a fungus, which attacks a certain kind of Agarwood tree. At the rate the perfume industry had been using this commodity, there was a probability that Oudh would soon be on the endangered list. Accepting the need to preserve this vital component, the Ajmal's R&D Center worked on a process to reduce the incubation time of the Oudh tree from 25-30 years to just 10 years, an invention that is now patented in the 6 countries that are the primary sources of Oudh in the world.


Being ahead on yet another front, Ajmal was one of the first companies in Asia to recognize the need to conserve natural resources way back in 1979 and embarked upon a comprehensive afforestation program in the hills of North Eastern India. Over 1,000,000 trees have been adopted under this program through which Ajmal Perfumes will benefit by way of consistent supply of Oudh in terms of quality and quantity.