Product Profile


Ajmal takes great pride in the fact that, till date, all its fragrances have been conceived, created, developed and manufactured in-house. Even raw materials sourced for various perfumes that are manufactured are sourced only from internationally renowned suppliers that are known for their high quality and standards. These include H&R, IFF, Dragoco, Drom, V Mane Fils (VMF) among others. Similarly, with a view of ensuring that the packaging of its fragrances is as per international standards, Ajmal Perfumes sources glass bottles from several internationally renowned manufacturers, such as Brosse, NVM, Heinz Glass, Bormioli, etc.

After the idea of a perfume is conceived it is first tested by a ‘consumer panel’, which consists of a sampling of the target segment. 

Using highly advanced quality control equipment, the chief perfumer then ensures that the quality of the blends conform to internationally recognized standards or those set by regional bodies such as GMSO and country-specific organizations such as SASO.


Ajmal prides in the knowledge acquired over the years to truly bear itself as a fragrances house. We create modern essences that entwine signature Ajmal accents. This enables us to appeal to the contemporary consumer at the same time retain our signature within the blends. Aromatic, fresh, earthy, invigorating; at Ajmal, we realize that well-crafted fragrances say a lot about you and the way you exude your self. Ajmal proudly presents a bouquet of the finest contemporary fragrances with mesmerizing scents that shine out from within and become a reflection of a person, a mirror image of sorts.


Ajmal Perfumes has nearly 6 decades of expertise in crafting some of the most enchanting and enticing Oriental fragrances. At Ajmal, we have perfected the science, art and craft of oriental perfumery and are delighted to present our creations to you. These selections appeal to modern connoisseurs who are also deeply rooted in traditional values. These concentrated perfume oils and eau de parfums offer discerning consumers a truly memorable experience.


‘My Inspiration’ is a novel retail concept from Ajmal Perfumes. It offers you the opportunity to create a personalized fragrance, in line with your tastes and preferences. The entire process, under the careful supervision of trained Ajmal staff, allows you to use your creative talent by crafting a unique fragrance, through a judicious selection of the finest ingredients. At 'My Inspiration', we bring you the environment to create something truly unique and in the process, learn how fragrances in their most basic form are put together from scratch. Indeed, it is driven by your creativity and our desire to provide you with an unforgettable experience along the way.


In today’s competitive environment it is imperative to leave your mark of distinction at every level. From service to stationery, every little detail speaks volumes for an organization. This is the reason why organizations like The Burj Al Arab, Saudi Airlines, and Emirates Airline invest in customizing even the little things that are traditionally run-of-the-mill. But it is through this meticulous detailing that the ‘distinctiveness’ truly shows up. This is where we come in.


Today big corporations around the world use ‘customizing’ as an indispensable tool to reinforce corporate communication and strengthen customer relationship. The process begins with analyzing your customer profile and the message you want to send to them. Based on your communication brief, we custom-make a fragrance for you. The impact of this is quite phenomenal, as in a subliminal sort of way, the essence of the organization has been communicated to the end user.


The opportunities to reach out and touch all those related to your organization are endless. From custom-made corporate gifts developed specially for customers, to unique gifts for ‘Customer Relationship Programmes’. From presentation ideas for events, to special occasion gifts, we can create numerous options for you to choose from, all in line with the corporate identity and the mission of the company. 

Your employees are as valuable as your customers, for they are the face of the organization. They carry the corporate message across the board and down the line. So if employee gifts were to be turned into a glimpse of the corporate philosophy, it would work to the benefit of an organization. Moreover, a customized gift is much better than giving them just another corporate gift that doesn’t reflect the essence of the company.

At Ajmal we believe we can create something special for you, while our expertise in the realm of perfumery continues to help you find what you are looking for.