To boost the level of literacy in the country, AJMAL established Markazul Ma'arif that runs a group of schools under the name of Markaz Academy. Another centre of education is the Markazul Ma-arif Education and Research Centre (MMERC), which was established in Delhi and subsequently moved to Mumbai in 2000. The centre aims at providing basic education to the needy. The HAMM Public Trust even grants scholarships and subsidized assistance to deserving students who wish to pursue advanced medical studies.


At its heart, Ajmal is driven by a humanitarian and benevolent spirit. This commitment has seen the establishment and elevation of medical welfare through the HAMM Public Trust. Operating two medical establishments - the Haji Abdul Majid Memorial Charitable Dispensary and the Haji Abdul Majid Memorial Hospital, the HAMM Public Trust is an Ajmal initiative that affects the lives of hundreds of patients every day.

The dispensary provides free medical treatment, including medicines to approximately 300 patients daily. Other areas include child healthcare and basic healthcare education. The state-of-the-art Hospital and Research Centre is one of the largest charity hospitals in the country. In addition, the Trust organizes short-term 'Medico-Educative’ camps in backward areas to promote awareness of primary health care, family planning, AIDS and other diseases amongst the rural populace.


In order to alleviate the problem of unemployment in the country, both the HAMM Public Trust and the Markazul Ma'arif provide counseling and training to the unemployed youth.


The Markazul Ma'arif manages the Markaz Darul Yatama Goalpara - an orphanage in Assam, which houses over 1200 orphans and destitute children. The Trust provides them with basic amenities like food, clothing and shelter, free of cost. Qualified teachers including trained physical instructors provide elementary education to the residents.