he luxury fragrance house received awards for Arabian Prestige (Male), Arabian Popular Appeal (Male) and Mono-brand Retailer of the Year. Organized by the Fragrance Foundation Arabia (FFA), the inaugural FiFi Dubai Awards, held at the Address Downtown, brought together some of the region’s biggest names in luxury fragrances alongside top international brands, key industry players, retailers, marketers and distributors. The event marks a significant development in the globalization of the region’s fragrance industry and is a testament to the important role the Middle East plays in shaping future global trends in the sector. 

The Mono Brand Retailer of the Year Award was presented to Ajmal for their retail philosophy ‘Crafting Memories’, which was unveiled during a revamp exercise in July 2009. This philosophy was conceived from the notion that beautiful fragrances unify human senses and create lasting memories in people’s lives. The phased revamp of all Ajmal outlets exemplifies this thinking through new open-plan layouts within a spacious, stylish and contemporary environment, which is essential for an interactive and sensory retail experience. 

The Arabian Prestige (Male) and Arabian Popular Appeal (Male) awards were bestowed upon two of Ajmal’s finest male fragrances, Dahn Al Oudh Maysam and Khawatir respectively. Sophisticated and elegant yet powerful, both these fragrances epitomize the dignified realm of Arabian perfumery. 

Ajmal’s expertise and know-how of the fragrance business in the Middle East region, along with their in-depth understanding of the intricate history of perfumery in the Arab world have enabled the brand to know the consumer’s pulse, and stay on top of key trends in the regional as well as international fragrance industry. With a nose for creating exceptional and captivating Oudh, oils and perfumes, Ajmal fragrances appeal to both local and international audiences.


The madkhan secured its place in the Guinness world records during the Dubai shopping festival in 2001. Approximately 60 times the size of a normal madkhan, the Ajmal creation measured about 3 meters in height with a 1.2-meter base. This unique creation weighed approximately 1,000 kilos and was fabricated out of dyes, ash-wood, copper and brass. The three parameters which the Guinness authorities took into account while adjudicating were that the madkhan was constructed using the same materials that go into the fabrication of a traditional incense-burner, that it was in perfect working order and lastly, that it had retained its original structure and form when in operation.