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For thousands of years, perfume has played an important role in the history and culture of the Middle East as well as the rest of the world. It is a treat and an indulgence to the human senses. A whiff of your favourite perfume can lift your spirits up, or it can help you catch the attention of a special someone. During religious ceremonies and social functions throughout the region, a significant role has always been attributed to the use of perfume. UAE is no exception – in fact, fragrances, scents, and perfume play a vital role in the culture of countries within the region. For one, scents can be an indication of wealth or status in life. The strong, lingering, woody scent of agarwood symbolises wealth and high-esteem in the Arab culture. On the other hand, oil extracted from frankincense often indicate opulence, as it is very expensive and often only used for religious purposes. Ajmal Perfume is renowned in the industry as a leading maker of oriental perfumes. Our significant experience and knowledge of the industry has enabled us to master the science and art of making exquisite, unforgettable scents. Years of mixing and experimenting with materials and scents have allowed us to perfect the process of crafting long lasting perfumes, so you can be confident with the superior quality of our signature fragrances. In fact, the accolades we have garnered are a testament to our commitment to offer nothing but the finest fragrances. Continuing our belief in delivering the best perfumes online, UAE customers can expect a vast array of the most exquisite fragrances from us. With our growing product line, you will always be able to find the scent that suits you, be it floral, fruity or spicy. Our collection of the best perfume for men and women also features a variety of oud fragrances for those who prefer all natural scents made the traditional way. In addition to our premier collection, we have carefully selected top fragrances from distinguished brands, ensuring that we offer only the highest quality brands and products to our clients. To view our extensive collection and buy perfumes online, UAE customers can simply visit our website for the newest scents available in the market. On the other hand, if you wish to know more about our products today, feel free to contact us. We can personally tour you around our manufacturing facility and give you a first-hand look at how we create our products.